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My hemoglobin A1c is 8.7 and serum glucose is 126; my doctor said it s not serious. No medications were prescribed and he will test it again in 6 months. Should I be concerned? Yes, you should.

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7.6% is a bit high, diabetics are supposed to keep their A1c s below the 7.0% point. The point of the A1c is to measure your average blood sugar for the past 3 months by looking at the amount of glucose attached to your hemoglobin, and it s supposed to determine your risk of complications from the diabetes.

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You will slowly come to terms with the fact that you have diabetes, it s not a big deal, you just need to eat properly and do some excercise. Buy a meter and strips ( or get them free from the Doc.) and start doing a few tests.
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For example, if your levels were not in control three weeks ago, glycated hemoglobin will persist in the blood cells that were active at that time. If your blood sugar tends to go up at night, when you are less likely to self-monitor, your HbA1c test will indicate a higher average level of blood sugar than you found through self-monitoring.
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I am writing to tell you what an incredible impact these methods had on my life! I have had type 2 diabetes for 27 years. For me, the worst part of this horrible disease is the severe pain I constantly.
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I recently had my blood sugar measure during a routine blood test and exam, and it was 7.0 mmol/L. My doctor told me that I shouldn t worry, only if it is as high as maybe 10 or 15, but I ve read in serious medical magazines that any fasting blood glucose AT or above 7.0 mmol is EQUAL to diabetes.
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Your reading of 7.7 mmol/L is 139 mg/dL. If this is a fasting reading it certainly deserves follow-up readings. A non-diabetic s fasting glucose is typically 3.9 to 5.6 mmol/L. A non-diabetic s 2 hour post-prandial (after meal) glucose typically does not exceed 7.8 mmol/L or 140 mg/dL.

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