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Stevia is a no-calorie sweetener extracted from the leaf of a plant grown in Paraguay and Brazil. The ingredients in stevia that make it sweet include the plant chemicals stevioside, rebaudiosides.

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If you have diabetes, you may struggle finding foods to feed your sweet tooth that won’t raise your blood sugar. Stevia may be the answer you’re looking for. A variety of companies are now adding stevia as a sweetener to low-calorie or sugar-free foods and beverages that can be part of a healthy diet for diabetics.

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Similarly, in Brazil, Stevia tea and Stevia capsules are officially approved for sale for the treatment of diabetes. The best part: Stevia does not lower blood glucose levels in normal people.” Stevia derived products Truvia and PureVia have also been made available in the U.S. for consumption.
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WebMD’s guide to stevia and artificial sweeteners. When you re cutting calories or cutting down on sugar, you may try other sweeteners.
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Fresh stevia leaves can be used in sauces or lemonade where you have an option to have it boil and take it as a sweet herbal tea. Dry stevia leaves can be used to make a powdered sweetener. Always ensure that you store the sweetener in an airtight container. Finally, you can make stevia syrup for adding to beverages as a sweetener.
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Find out here what makes good sugar substitutes for diabetes. Get the facts on options such as stevia and coconut palm sugar. Also learn about sugar alcohols, how they differ from artificial.
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You will find stevia in a wide range of food and beverages, including teas, soft drinks, juices, yogurt, soymilk, baked goods, cereal, salad dressings, confections and as a tabletop sweetener. Stevia is a great option to use in recipes, too, offering its touch of sweetness and adaptability in baking and cooking.

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