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Make: Rigaku. Model: D/Max - B. Copper target X-ray tube (40 KV and 30 mA) Copper K radiation (composed of Cu K 1 = 1.5405 Å and Cu K 2 = 1.5443 Å; the weighted average of the two is Cu K avg = 1.54184.

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RIGAKU X-RAY SEMINAR Proceedings on X-ray technologies Rigaku X-ray Seminar in OIST (7th June 2012) 3-9-12, Matsubara-cho, Akishima-shi, Tokyo 196-866, Japan.
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Rigaku D/Max-B diffractometer. X-Rays are produced by a 1.8 kW, Cobalt target, sealed tube. These diverging x-rays are incident upon a flat, vertically mounted sample and the reflected or diffracted beam then converges (is “focused”) into a diffracted beam monochromator which removes all radiation except the Co Kα wavelength (~1.79 Å) which then enters a scintillation counter.
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Rigaku s patented Cross Beam Optics (CBO) SAXS design allows SAXS measurements to 0.1 in q (65 nm) to be performed routinely and in direct complement to other wide angle scattering and diffraction methods. Both solid and liquid samples can be measured in a wide range of SAXS geometries, including glancing incidence (GISAXS).
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ISDSB2016 August 7–10, 2016 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA This symposium will report on the latest discoveries in structural biology using X-ray, neutron, and electron diffraction, and complementary techniques such as small-angle scattering, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and advanced computational approaches.

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