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Pancreatogenic diabetes, also known as Type 3C diabetes, results from pancreatic disease (such as chronic pancreatitis) or surgery on the pancreas. A grayish pink gland located in the abdomen, the pancreas essentially has a dual function: The exocrine pancreas secretes important digestive enzymes.

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Diabetes and your pancreas. A direct connection exists between the pancreas and diabetes. The pancreas is an organ deep in your abdomen behind your stomach. It’s an important.

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How to treat pancreatogenic diabetes? I have a 60 y.o WF 5 years post total pancreatectomy secondary to cancer. Worsening hypoglycemia with minimal insulin. A1C 9.9%. Any recommendations? Metformin.
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Jan. 31, 2017 -- Diabetes could be an early sign of pancreatic cancer, new research suggests. A presentation to the European Cancer Congress in Amsterdam reports that 50% of people in two sample.
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Type 3c (pancreatogenic) diabetes A model of the pancreas and its main locations for exocrine and endocrine functions. Type 3c diabetes (also known as pancreatogenic diabetes ) is diabetes that comes secondary to pancreatic diseases, [1] involving the exocrine and digestive functions of the pancreas.
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This lack of specificity suggests that either the increased pancreatitis risk is related to newly diagnosed and drug-treated type 2 diabetes per se, with a possibility of reverse causality due to pancreatogenic diabetes, or that starting therapy with sulfonylureas and insulin also causes acute pancreatitis, which should be further investigated.
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In order to improve recognition of pancreatogenic diabetes, Ewald and Bretzel (12) subsequently proposed diagnostic criteria for T3cDM. As outlined in Table 1, the diagnosis of T3cDM requires 1) the presence of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency (according to monoclonal fecal elastase 1 test or direct function tests), 2) evidence of pathological pancreatic imaging (by endoscopic ultrasound.

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